Healthcare Software Testing & QA

From functional performance to regulatory compliance, we will make sure your healthcare solution shows its true potential.

Test thoroughly and ensure flawless performance of your healthcare software. From telehealth solutions to BPM software that runs the back-end of your business, helping doctors, nurses, 以及其他健康从业者——确保没有任何虫子妨碍你为客户和病人提供一流的服务.

    We make software reliable

    We make software reliable:

    • - Load & Performance testing for Hospital Management Systems & CRMs

    • - Ensuring compliance with industry standards

    • - Localisation testing

    • - Testing on 250+ physical devices to ensure flawless performance across the board

    • - UI/UX testing to ensure seamless workflows


    Test your project


    Health Clinic Companion

    Our client was developing a web-app companion that their doctors, nurses, patients, and caregivers could use to manage appointments and track prescriptions. 开发该解决方案是为了让医生能够轻松地追踪患者的病史, make recommendations and appointments to visit other doctors in the hospital, and give nurses all the information they need to work with patients. 然后,患者和护理人员可以使用自己的界面导航到他们的预约,并查看处方的细节.

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    Health clinic companion

    Clients Reviews

    "Testing for our project was done top-notch. All issues and bugs were meticulously and clearly documented on our project’s Jira. Guys showed great attention to details, and rigorously stuck project requirements. Communication and work were done on a very professional level. We highly recommend.”

    Kamran Naghiyev, Interfaced Labs Inc.

    “TestFort QA实验室的工作富有成效,对客户的成功至关重要. The team communicated regularly with the client, allowing them to provide their feedback about the progress. 他们达到了公司的期望,而且他们总是愿意帮助客户."

    Eric Bade, CTO, Ricma

    "TestFort QA Lab’s work has helped reduce app bugs. 多亏了他们,客户的软件发行版的质量有了显著的提高. The remote team excels at communication, as they’re able to overcome geographical and cultural barriers. They’ll continue to be a trusted partner".

    Brad Marks, VP of Product, Freckle IoT

    “TestFort一直为推荐几个网赌网站提供高质量的产品,当推荐几个网赌网站在紧张的时间安排下按时完成推荐几个网赌网站的项目时,也非常乐于帮助推荐几个网赌网站. We look forward to our continued development efforts with their team..."

    Nick Brachet, CTO, Skyhook

    “在与世界各地的许多公司合作后,推荐几个网赌网站的控股获得了不同的经验, 推荐几个网赌网站遇到了TestFort,并开始在一个项目和有限的资源上与他们合作. Thanks to very professional technical strategy, 良好的管理方法和实施方法,将推荐几个网赌网站的解决方案推向市场,以及团队的卓越奉献, since that time our cooperation significantly evolved, we extended our team with more professional resources..."

    Jon Sugihara, President & Co-Founder, Perx

    "Our development experience with TestFort Software has been fantastic. They have adapted to each of our projects. 当推荐几个网赌网站决定在一个不同的方向上进行一个项目时,他们会有效地改变方向,并提供指导和新的里程碑. 推荐几个网赌网站与TestFort Software合作已经快三年了,推荐几个网赌网站与他们的关系一直很好. 推荐几个网赌网站强烈推荐TestFort软件用于任何类型的项目——简单或复杂!.."

    Simple Devices, Universal Electronics, Inc.

    "Our cooperation with TestFort team (QA division of QArea) has a long history, multiple projects, dating back to early 2005. 与其他公司相比,TestFort团队提供一流质量的测试服务. 他们广泛而且重要的是,在推荐几个网赌网站的项目中正确地应用自动化测试. 他们解决任务的非凡方法和对课题的深刻理解,再加上稳定和高度专业的团队,使他们能够达到优秀的结果. When we started our new project, which is under way now, 推荐几个网赌网站与几家外包公司合作——但在测试周期的几个月后,推荐几个网赌网站决定将所有的QA活动转移到TestFort, 因为推荐几个网赌网站无法从其他公司获得与TestFort相同的高质量结果..."

    Marc Cenedella, Founder & CEO, Knozen, Inc.

    “在过去的一年里,TestFort已经成为推荐几个网赌网站值得信赖的Windows Phone 7开发合作伙伴之一,我毫不犹豫地向他们推荐,认为他们是一家优秀的公司和软件开发供应商."

    Max Zilberman, Senior Architect, Microsoft

    TestFort在帮助推荐几个网赌网站确保工具栏的质量方面是一笔巨大的财富. 当推荐几个网赌网站需要快速帮助时,他们便会出现在推荐几个网赌网站身边,并在几天内便能够帮助推荐几个网赌网站找到完整的测试团队. 在推荐几个网赌网站两年的合作关系中,我依靠TestFort以合理的速度提供测试和开发方面的优质资源..."

    Peter Kalmstrom, Product Manager, Skype

    "During the past 4 years, TestFort已被证明是一家优秀的公司,也是一笔巨大的资产,它为Dashlane所有平台(Windows)提供了堪称典范的质量保证服务, Mac, iOS, Android, Web). TestFort is playing a critical role in our quality strategy, thanks to the devotion of their testing teams to the project. I can definitely recommend working with them."

    Raphael Rodrigues, Director of Quality Assurance and Localization, Dashlane

    "TestFort has played a critical role in the development of 他们能够迅速成为核心团队的一员,并开发出令人惊叹的功能,在最高的性能和可能的需求下运行. They possess the highest level of business cooperation, an outstanding sense of responsibility and delivery of quality work..."

    Paul Berry, CTO, Huffington Post


      通过雇佣有经验和高质量的QA工程师和软件测试人员来确保软件项目的顺利运行. Get in touch below.


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